Olakunle Karimu v. Oluyomi Olawore

Olakunle Karimu v. Oluyomi Olawore Judgment in favour of Mr. Olawore that no person has a right to enter a private office without invitation  and the victim is always at liberty to invite the Police to investigate any unlawful entry . Victim not responsible for the actions of the Police. JUDGEMENT (KARIMU & OLAWORE)...

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Right of an estranged wife to benefit of shareholding in ex husband’s company- NORMA IGHOFOSE V SIPOL AGRICULTURAL & FISHING INDUSTRY LIMITED

IGHOFOSE V SIPOL A recent Court of Appeal decision validating the right of a shareholder to notice of meetings. The decision applied the provisions of CAMA to order  a shareholder to file documents of the company with the company registry and acknowledged the right of a wife even though estranged from the promoter of a company to the benefits of being a shareholder. This case was handled by our...

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A new look

Welcome to , office on the web.  As you may have noticed, we have launched our newly redesigned site and we hope that you find the navigation more intuitive and the overall experience more enjoyable. We have a new look and a few new features that we want to point out: New navigation and search capabilities to improve the usability of the site. Provision of featured articles to...

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