Area Of Practice


We are actively engaged across a wide spectrum of legal practice in which the following areas feature prominently :


Insolvency Practice

We have acted as receivers of a number of insolvent companies. We make use of conventional and unconventional legal and business tools to achieve the effective management of debt cases.

We are presently involved in the receivership of some companies and actively engaged in the recovery of assets.

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Capital Market

We are licensed to act as Solicitors in capital market issues in Nigeria. In the recent past we were one of the joint solicitors to Prudent Bank Plc in the =N=0.6 billion Prudent Bank Issue of 2000.

we acted as Solicitors to the Joint Issuing Houses in the =N=2.5 billion Ekiti State Bond Issue of 2001 and the =N= 3 billion Gulf Bank issue of 2002. In 2003, we acted as solicitors to the company in the =N=2.9 billion IMB plc offer.

In 2004 we acted as Solicitors to the =N=1.0 Billion Jos International Breweries Plc Offer, the =N=1.5Billion Ekiti State Bond and the =N=1.0 Billion Prudent Bank Rights Offer.

In 2005, we acted as Solicitors to the Issue in the Prudent Bank Plc =N=15Billion Hybrid Offer. We acted as due diligence adviser and legal consultant in the Afribank plc Merger of 2005.

We are also actively involved with some banks in creating the appropriate legal framework involved in properly actualizing the Small Scale Industries Financing Scheme of the Bankers’ Committee.

Real Estate

We have documented and perfected land transfers i.e. assignments, leases and powers of attorney for beneficial purpose.

We have processed land compensation claims and land acquisitions with regulatory authorities successfully.

Commercial and Financial Service

We render services to those seeking short term financing from the banks and other financial institutions and in the Process have drafted and perfected several credit security documentation in the form of debentures, mortgages, building lease equipment lease, hypothecation and negative pledge. We have reviewed contracts and advised generally on risk allocation under contracts of commercial and financial hue.

We have created the legal framework in the formation of some financial institutions, insurance brokerage companies and other companies in the telecommunications and construction sectors of the economy.

Insurance and Reinsurance Practice

We render assistance in claims settlements and indemnity and fidelity documentation and review of insurance documents generally.

Tax & Employment Consulting

We render tax and employment consulting services to our clients especially those in the manufacturing and service sectors of the economy.

In 2001, our Mr. Olawore was a member of the faculty in a seminar organized for the Federal Inland Revenue Service on Value Added Tax as it pertains to the service sector.

Trust and Estate Administration

We rendered legal advice in the establishment of trust corporations and building societies such as Hepshiba Foundation and Meadows Building Co-operative Society formed in 2000.


A member of the firm, Mr. Oluyomi Olawore, is an Arbitrator who has been involved in many arbitration matters in the Energy and Telecommunications sectors of the Nigerian Economy.

He is a member of the select Nigerian Communications Commission Panel of Neutrals.

Secretarial and Nominee

We act as proxies and nominees of corporations local and foreign. We conduct secretarial audit of companies and are also secretaries to over 50 private and public limited liability companies through our associated organization Brits Nominees Limited.

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